April 17th, 2013

i just got myself together after being emotionally tortured by a single line from a fic and it made me wonder. miss jj, what was the first fic from our wonderful fandom you ever read? which was the most painful?
Asketh - msfire

Hey, Miss Ashley!

The first fic I ever read from our fandom was Lauren’s classic Brittana story “The Only True Paradises,” which taught me the capabilities of fanfiction as a literary genre, as well as everything I know about Brittana today. If it weren’t for this story, I wouldn’t Brittanalyze or write or read fanfiction myself. I cannot speak highly enough about it or Lauren herself.

As for the “most painful fic,” that distinction goes to two of Beth’s stories: her one-shot “In-Between Days,” which is set during the events of 3x06, and her masterpiece, “(I’ve Never Reached an Answer) I’m Only Given Clues,” which reduced me to tears more times than I can count.

I recommend both authors and all three works very highly.

Thanks for the question! 

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