December 25th, 2012

TMI TUESDAY: Christmas Edition--what's a holiday tradition that you remember fondly from your childhood? Have you integrated it into your adult traditions? If so, how is it different? The same?
Asketh - youreterriblemuriel

Hey, Dollface!

One holiday tradition I remember fondly from childhood is my mother giving all us kids a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve—usually matching, a la Weasley jumpers—for us to then wear on Christmas morning.

This year, my mother had all but one of us kids home again for the holidays, so she reinstated the tradition. My brothers and I opened our pajamas last night. My mother also bought a pair of pajamas for my Boyfriend™ and my brother’s girlfriend, who will be joining us at the house tomorrow, which they can open upon their arrival.

We’re all going to look pretty spiffy when she gets us lined up for photos, I think. 

  1. youreterriblemuriel said: We did this when I was a kid too! Only the pjs came from my grandma. I still give everyone pajamas on christmas eve to this day.
  2. iamsnortythevampyr said: dude, this is all kinds of awesome. It’s even better if it’s footie pajamas or sushi pajamas or something fun like that.
  3. msfire said: adorable
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