October 25th, 2012

Brittana U Monster Fic Mash Project

Happy Halloween, fandom!

The faculty at the University of Brittana are pleased to announce the Brittana U Monster Fic Mash Project!

To show our appreciation for you, the fandom, and to help us all weather the Fall hiatus, between October 28th and October 30th of this year, the faculty at Brittana U will regularly publish original new works of Halloween fanfiction!

As part of the project, members of the Brittana U faculty will write Halloween Brittana stories and then “dress those stories in costume,” with each author publishing a different author’s work (i.e., with Author X’s story “dressed up” in Author Y’s URL).

Starting next week—October 28th, 2012—Brittana U will publish three Brittana Halloween stories a day leading up to Halloween.

This blog will reblog all the Brittana U Monster Fic Mash Project stories.

You can look forward to original Halloween Brittana stories from some of the most talented authors in the fandom, including:

socallmedaisy youreterriblemuriel lingeringlilies theinfernaldesiremachine

gleerant gleedcanon littleoases themostrandomfandom venuscomb and doctoruth

Anyone interested in keeping up with the latest publications should track the “Brittana U Monster Fic Mash Project” tag.

As part of the project, we would also like to announce a contest: 

We invite readers following the Brittana U Monster Fic Mash Project to submit guesses as to which author wrote what story to Han after the last author posts her partner’s story on October 30th (i.e., after everyone has read every story from the bunch).

The first nine readers to correctly identify each author’s work win. Each winner will receive a short commissioned story from a participating author, randomly assigned.

On October 31st—i.e., Halloween—Brittana U will announce the original authorship of each fic.

We look forward to spending Halloween with you, fandom, and we hope you enjoy our efforts to make this spooky season—and this Fall Glee hiatus—fun! 

Happy Halloween, everyone!

The Brittana U Faculty

Special thanks to Judith, our University IT Department Head, for the Brittana U Monster Fic Mash Project logo.

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