May 6th, 2012

Crazy Brittanalyst Grab-Bag: Part LXXXV

I have been ostentatiously bad at answering Asks lately. Lo siento mucho.

1. Hey!

So I don’t have an especially scientific reason for thinking what I do; it’s just my headcanon and, like, what I write when I write future fic and stuff.

To be honest, most of my headcanon on the pregnancy thing in particular comes from Beth’s story “Something,” which I think perfectly characterizes Santana’s desires, in this regard.

I guess if I had to justify my position outside of just citing that story, I would say that Brittany would be the one to propose because she has always been one step ahead of Santana when it comes to milestones in their relationship—i.e., wanting to sing to each other, wanting to talk about feelings, knowing they were dating, etc.—so it would make sense for her to realize that they were ready to get married first, too.

Likewise, I would say that Santana would be the one to carry their first child because she likes to give Brittany precious things that no one else can give her. Like, Santana is hard and image-obsessed when it comes to everybody else, but she is incredibly sweet and soft with Brittany and loves more than anything to show Brittany how much she loves her through her actions.

Brittany is always most perceptive around Santana and that Santana is always most generous to Brittany.

But that’s just my thought. I know other people disagree.

Thanks for writing in!

2. Hey, Shannon!

That is a totally awesome TKTD song. Thank you for sharing! Gonna go listen to it a lot now.

Thanks for writing in!

3. Hey, Anon!

From what I’ve heard, Brittana run for but don’t win prom royalty, but that’s just according to the spoilers and the spoilers could be wrong.

Honestly, I think Santana can still show significant development from last year, even without coming full circle to win this time around when she lost before. Really, as long as she acts like herself and has a good time with Brittany, I think that both our girls “win” this year—party store crowns or not.

Until the episode airs, we’ll just have to wait and see, though.

Sorry I can’t be more definitive! Thanks for writing in.

4. Hey, Anon!

I will let my flawless alpha/beta Han answer this one for me because what she wrote is just flawless:

"I bet they did something super cute but really normal too, y’know? Like ordered in Chinese food and watched a bunch of movies snuggled up together on the couch, because they already feel like they’re old and married just a little bit, and there’s nowhere else they’d rather be than cuddled close under that blanket on the couch, the same one that’s been there ever since they were thirteen and Britt’s mom left them alone in the house for the first time. (They fell asleep in the den under that blanket, and when Britt’s parents got in and woke them to tell them to go to bed, Santana clutched it like a safety blanket and took it to bed with them. Brittany always makes sure it’s tucked more around Santana than her because Santana gets cold in the night, and then she snuggles extra close and tries to warm her up.)”

See? Flawless. This is my headcanon now.

Thanks for writing in!

5. Hey, Anon!

I think it is most definitely significant whenever Santana makes friends and opens herself up to new people. She never could have had the conversation she has with Rachel in 3x17 last year, that’s for sure. Baby Girl has come a long way.

Thanks for writing in!

6. Hey!

Honestly, I viewed that statement as a hyperbole, on Santana’s part.

In the past, both Santana and Rachel have shoved their respective best friends—i.e., Quinn and Kurt—under the proverbial buses just to get ahead, Santana when she gave Quinn mono and stole Sam away from her and Rachel when she ran against Kurt for senior class president, even though she knew how much Kurt’s campaign meant to him.

However, since then, both girls have learned Valuable Lessons™ about friendship, Santana when the glee club “rallied around her” during her coming out process and Rachel when she realized how much Kurt supports her and how much she’s going to need her friends to get by in New York.

Accordingly, I don’t think that, at present, either Santana or Rachel would “kill [their] best friends” to get ahead, no matter what Santana says in 3x17; Santana cares about Quinn too much and feels concerned for her well-being (as we see in 3x01, for instance), and Rachel and Kurt support each other, even when they stand in competition, as we see throughout their NYADA auditions arc.

That being the case, I tend to think that Santana’s statement is simply her way of saying that out of everyone in the glee club, she and Rachel are the most ambitious and that they both even potentially have blind spots when it comes to how their respective pursuits of accomplishment can affect those around them—both of which assumptions on her part would be true.

That’s just my take on the matter, though.

Thanks for writing in!

7. Hey!

First of all, welcome to Tumblr! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed yourself here so far.

Secondly, to answer your question, the storyline you postulate seems possible, but, honestly, I have no idea what Glee intends to do to get Rachel to New York or to make Season Four work out, logistically speaking. Based on recent spoiler pictures and what Lea’s said in her interviews, we know that Rachel does eventually get into NYADA and end up in New York, but we still have yet to hear about Santana, so we don’t know if she’ll go to Louisville, where she has a scholarship, or elsewhere.

Sorry I can’t be more concrete!

We’ll just have to watch and see.

Thanks for writing in!